Moving is hard work, sure. But that’s what you have the professionals for: the logistics, the heavy lifting, the pulling and pushing and wrapping and squeezing. At Coleman, we believe that moving shouldn’t be hard work for our clients – at least not physically. Instead, we want to make moving a fun time, because at the end of the day, moving into a new space should be exciting.

Whether your new home has three-rooms-total or ten-rooms-total, each of them is a blank canvas. Your bedroom, living room, dining room – they all have to be arranged in a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing way... at least that’s the goal.

Now Coleman isn’t an interior design company, but after more than 100 years in the business, we know a thing or two about balancing a room. Here are some of the tips we give our customers before moving day to ensure they have a plan for each new space:

Tip #1:To avoid a room that looks too clumpy, be sure to balance out large pieces of furniture with smaller pieces, fixtures and/or accessories. This will give your room a pleasing appeal. Think of that quaint corner table as piece of celery in your tuna sandwich: refreshing.

Tip #2:Remember: the back of your furniture doesn’t have to be flush with the wall. Using the middle of your living room, for instance, will give your space a unique level of depth – creating different areas of interest (e.g., conversation spaces, work spaces).

Tip #3:Don’t forget to balance the height of your room. Say, for example, that you have a lower-than-average fainting couch positioned against a white wall. If left unutilized, the space above your couch would feel lonely – in fact, it would make the room feel shorter. Hang a painting above the fainting couch to draw the eye upwards and create a more elongated space people will be impressed by. 

Tip #4:Color is your friend. Color can change a room in many ways, making it feel bigger and brighter with a simple brushstroke. Don’t forget to incorporate pillows, curtains and artwork to match the larger feel of the room. It’s all about the theme – don’t forget to give your room one.

Tip #5:Color is your friend, but it doesn’t have to be your only friend. Texture is also important. Add an interesting appeal to any room using accessories, such as rugs, pillows, drapes and other props, like marble-filled vases.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your living space. Express yourself. Your home is your own. Just don’t forget to compliment your space accordingly – bring balance to your surroundings – and you’ll be alright.

For more information, call the pros at Coleman. We look forward to speaking with you soon!