Feeling like you’re part of something – feeling like you belong – takes some time.

Where you moved to is largely irrelevant; whether you're moving to San Diego or across the country to New York, you're not going to acclimate overnight. It takes work and, more importantly, it takes desire. Sure, maybe your neighbors will give you a wave when you pull up. Maybe they’ll even bring you a fruit basket like they do on TV. Who knows?

There’s no doubt people will be friendly. But it’s going to be on you to spring the switch and get your transition into full-gear. It’s going to be on you to make yourself comfortable.

Below are three strategies to meet new people, un-bore yourself and start loving your new community.

Let’s jump in:


It’s not going to kill you.

Plus you can make some new friends along the way – not to mention feel like you’re making a difference. Almost every city that’s on the map in America has a not-for-profit organization that can use a helping hand – and, depending on your background and skill-level, you might just have some great networking opportunities ahead of you!

Join a Club:

What interests you?

What are your hobbies? Do you like sports? Are you great at Scrabble? Because there’s a club for just about everything – and many times you can join up to do something you love at the local community center.

Large cities and most towns will have a large variety of clubs to choose from. In the mean time, try,, and to get you started.

Take a Class:

When you take a class – whether it’s academically or physically driven – the idea is that everyone starts on the same plain. And nothing – nothing – bonds people more than learning something and coming up together. A little bit of stress is actually good for relationships; stress can build trust!

So go ahead: sign up for some adult education classes at the community college; take a spin class at the YMCA or enroll in Tae-Kwon-Do. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to meet some fun and interesting people along the way.


Want more acclimation ideas? Call the pros at Coleman today – we’re always happy to help!