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Who wants to move all the extra stuff you never use anyway? Save yourself some money and some effort before your big move to Atlanta, GA, and consider turning your trash into someone else’s treasure. Rather than waiting till the last moment, here are some good tips to run a well-organized garage sale before your big move.


1. Go room by room with a box. Take your time and completely declutter one room at a time. Be sure to plan your garage sale far out in advance to make sure you can take your time and get things gathered for your sale.


2. If you haven’t worn it in a’s time to let it go. We all have those clothes that we aspire to wear “one day.” But lets face it, if you haven’t worn something in a year, you probably won’t wear it again.


3. Leave the nostalgia to pictures. If you’re a nostalgic hoarder, the same goes for kids clothing. Keep a few pieces from each year of your child’s life, and snap a few photos before selling the rest! Pictures take up less physical storage space than boxes and boxes of unused items.


4. Use a color-coding price system. If you don’t want to take hours to individually price every item that you have for sale, make a color-coding chart and buy small stickers to coordinate with the chart. Dot stickers can be found at most any large retail store. For example, if you have blue sticker at 50 cents, put a blue sticker on all the things you will sell at 50 cents, regardless of item category.


5. Advertise. Place an ad that has the address, date, time, and kind of items you will be selling on both your personal social media site and any local garage sale forums. Many cities also have the option to advertise in their local paper. If you get your neighbors in on the action, a multi family garage sale gets many visitors.


(Photo attributed to Flickr member @yvestown via the Creative Commons license.)