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For many Texans, the fifth of May brings much more than warm weather and bluebonnets. It’s a time that everyone celebrates Cinco de Mayo for the entire weekend. This Mexican American tradition is more than just your average celebration, with colorful festivities from the start to end of the day. As you become more acclimated to your new city of San Antonio, these Cinco de Mayo events will get you out and about and discover the rich culture within San Antonio.


Cinco de Mayo at the historic Market Square

It seems like the entire state of Texas is drawn to the Market Square during the week of the fifth and stretching into that following weekend. Festivities for this event include local Mariachis, Tejano and other local music groups. Dancers, arts, and crafts are all centered on the Mexican culture. Don’t come to this event and expect not to eat one of the many great dishes of local authentic cuisine. This event is something that you won’t want to miss if you live anywhere near Market Square, and is something to look forward to every year.


Cinco de Mayo at Traders Village

This celebration is a true tribute to the Mexican victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla. There will be food, drinks, and many family friendly activities so everyone in your family can have a good time. If you haven’t discovered Traders Village, this event will be a nice way to experience the largest flea market you have ever been to. There are also roller coasters and other rides that will make this day one to remember.


(Photo attributed to Flickr member @DeltonChilds via the Creative Commons license.)