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When you have the cold or flu, the last thing you want to do is move. Unfortunately, we don’t get to choose when we get sick, and might not be feeling well on our moving day. The good news is that with the help of your Tampa movers, you moving day will be much more manageable than you might think, but here are some tips to moving while being sick.


Take Breaks

Moving while sick isn’t the time to pull through and push yourself. Make sure to take frequent breaks as your body needs them. If you’re traveling by car make sure to take some rest breaks on long trips to stretch out your body. While unpacking, keep in mind that you will have plenty of time to get your house in order once you’re feeling better.


Keep Hydrated

The busyness of a move can distract you from keeping yourself hydrated, but when you’re sick, hydration is the key to getting better. Make sure to keep many bottles of non-caffeinated beverages in a cooler that you carry along with you on your moving day. If you need a gentle reminder, set your wristwatch alarm to go off every 10-15 minutes to remind you to take a sip of your drink.


Prepare Snacks

If you don’t feel like eating a large meal during your sickness, you still need to keep your energy up by making sure nutritious quick snacks are ready for you. This could be mixed dried fruit, nuts, cereal bars, or similar healthy snacks.


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