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Clutter can create a sense of panic in some, but for others it can bring a sense of security. When placing your home on the market and relocating with your Atlanta movers, you might want to consider letting go of some of your clutter to make the moving process a little smoother. If you find yourself saying you can’t let go of an object because “I might need it someday” or “my mom bought that for me” might want to just let it go. Getting rid of items that you don’t use is liberating and gives you the ability to not be tied down to your things. Sometimes hiring a professional organizer can help with your over-cluttered lifestyle and help you find long-term solutions you can live with.


A professional organizer (or just a really handy friend!) can be a great help. They can assist you in picking out the many options there are to store items you really can’t part with, and help you donate or trash items that you are willing to part with. Places like Ikea and the Container Store are great places to find storage solutions. It’s amazing how many different types of storage solutions are out there these days. You can find storage containers for just about anything.


Here’s a tip for a motivational tool: set a goal of decluttering one room at a time, and then treat yourself once the goal has been met. Just remember, don’t treat yourself by buying more things to add to the clutter!


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