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If you’re moving from an apartment or condo into your first home in the Kansas City area, there are many changes to prepare for. Some of these changes you’ll look forward to, like building equity and the pride of home ownership. But you also have to consider all the work that comes with home ownership. Cutting grass in the summer, repairing anything that breaks and...snow removal. Here’s a list of the top snow removal gear to help make this task a little easier for your new home.



The weight of snow varies throughout the winter months. A snowfall of the same depth can create snow that is significantly heavier or lighter, depending on how much water is present. With this in mind, a large snow shovel will remove snow with less passes, but you’ll also be lifting a heavier load. Keep your personal strengths and risk for injury in mind when shopping for your shovel. When you’re at the store, try making the shoveling motion to test out where the grips are according to your body. Get a good feel for the overall weight of the shovel and length of the handle. Buy what is best for you and the amount of snowfall you’re likely to get.


Snow Blowers

A snow blower can be a great investment if you have a medical condition, an extremely long driveway, or just an excess of money. Picking the best snow blower for you depends on the area you are going to be using it on. If you have a wide and long driveway, you might want a little more than the standard single-stage gas or electric options.



When people say “salt,” you normally think of rock salt, which is a fairly inexpensive treatment for ice. The catch is that rock salt will melt ice only to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Calcium Chloride is much more expensive than rock salt, but it melts ice all the way to -25 degrees Fahrenheit.


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