Moving laboratory equipment requires skill and expertise – after all, the contents of your lab moving lab equipmentare worth hundreds of thousands of dollars or more! It’s also important to ensure that all chemicals and used equipment are disposed of properly. Choosing professional lab movers with a proven record of success will help make lab moving in Dallas seamless, and there are some steps you can take on your own to ease the process. Your professionals at Coleman Allied have some simple tips for a flawless lab move, such as:

  • Research Your Movers
Make sure that your movers have a proven history of moving lab equipment successfully. Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals – if your movers can’t point you to a satisfied customer, find another company!
  • Meet Safety Standards
As you prepare to dispose of chemicals and old equipment, be sure to contact your Environmental Health & Safety Department to ensure you’re following all regulations.
  • Identify High-Value Items
Identify all high-value equipment. Make a list of each item and its value to keep track before your move and any potential breakages.
  • Contact Insurance
Contact your insurance and ensure that all possible damages will be covered. It’s also a good idea to speak with your movers in-depth about the coverage they offer.
  • Contact Manufacturing Representative
A lot of the time, a manufacturing representative is supposed to disassemble certain equipment before crating, not your movers. Neglecting to call in an expert can result in damages that won’t be covered by warranty.

Dallas commercial lab moving has never been simpler and safer than with Coleman! We’ve flawlessly moved lab and medical equipment all over the world for decades, so contact us today to hear how we can ease your transition!

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