Moving electronics is a task that requires special patience and care. Your computers, TVs, electronics moving in dallasprinters, etc, are worth thousands of dollars, and need to be packed and reassembled flawlessly to avoid damages. At Coleman Worldwide Moving, your top provider of Dallas specialized moving services, we want every aspect of your move to go smoothly! When moving delicate computers and electronics, always:

  • Pack the CPU With Care
Be sure to pack your computer’s CPU (central processing unit) with extra care. Pack sensitive computer parts in a sturdy box and surround them with packing materials, but avoid packing peanuts – these carry a static electrical charge that can damage your electronics.
  • Remove Printer Cartridges
Remove your printer’s toner and cartridges in the summer to avoid leaking and damage to your belongings.
  • Custom Crate Large Electronics
If you have a wide-screen TV, it probably requires custom crating. Your Coleman electronics movers in Dallas can quickly build you a sturdy crate.
  • Back Up Files
Be sure to back up your files in case your computer is damaged in transit.
  • Label All Plugs/Connectors
Label all the ports and plugs on your computer so you can match and reconnect them after your move with minimal hassle. You’ll be glad you took the time on moving day!
  • Allow Adjustment Time
Allow your electronics adequate time to heat or cool to room temperature – this will prevent strain and damages.

Trust Coleman Allied to provide the best Dallas computer moving services! We’ll pack, move, and reinstall your equipment quickly and safely, every time! Contact us today for more helpful information.

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