There’s no question about it – Americans have a lot of stuff to store! If you’re making a storage in dallastransition, chances are you’re considering renting storage space. Having extra space can simplify your life, but only if you keep a well-organized storage unit stocked only with belongings you need! If you don’t manage your storage unit well, finding your items can be a nightmare! At Coleman American Moving Services, we want all our customers to know how to best store their treasured possessions. Read on to learn how to best utilize our Dallas storage services!

  • Get Rid of Junk!
If you haven’t used something in years and have no plans to, it’s probably not needed.
  • Plan and Prepare!
Throwing items into your unit without a plan is a recipe for disaster! Make a blueprint of how you want your items placed. Put more frequently used items towards the front, and plan for a path through the unit so you can access your less used items when needed.
  • Pack and Label Thoroughly.
Using clear containers will prevent mold and mildew. Be sure to label every box for easy retrieval later, and consider adding shelves to maximize your storage space.
  • Stack Wisely!
This may sound like a no-brainer, but stacking heavier items at the bottom and fragile items on top will save you a lot of trouble later. Make sure to leave a little room between each box.
  • Make a List.
List your items and take pictures so you know the exact layout of your storage unit and what’s in it.

Coleman American wants your move to be as seamless as possible. We offer advanced, secure storage units in Dallas at competitive monthly rates that meet your every need! Contact us today to learn more about our unparalleled Dallas full service moving services!
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