Most everyone knows that Seattle is the hometown to the almighty Starbucks. But even beyond this global juggernaut, coffee is a big deal in Seattle. When your moving trucks are unloaded and you are still standing in a pile of boxes at midnight, it’s handy to know where to get a good cup of brew. Here are a few of the most beloved coffee houses in Seattle.


Espresso Vivace With three locations around Seattle, finding your nearest Espresso Vivace will be a lot easier than deciding what espresso drink you would like. Vivace is credited with being a pioneer of the espresso-craze of recent years. Be sure to check out their Broadway location, which has been a staple in the neighborhood for over twenty years.


Zoka Coffee

Zoka has been a major player in the Seattle coffee scene since it’s inception in 1996. For years, Zoka has been best known for it’s delicious coffee and laid back, comfortable atmosphere. This award-winning coffee shop has a focus on “local” and community. The staff always hope to make their patrons feel at home and expects that you’ll stay for awhile.


Arabica Lounge

This uber-hip Capitol Hill space has a little bit of everything. From coffees to innovative brunch options to their excellent beer and wine selection, Arabica seeks to attract the curious masses.  For those with a creative bent, Arabica also hosts their fair share of art and music events. Whether you’re looking for an inspiring place to work or a memorable date, Arabica makes for a great atmosphere.

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