No matter if you’re moving across the country or across the street it is important to Moving from Dallaskeep certain things on you rather than with movers on moving day. Sometimes items can get lost or ruined during a move, so it’s important to identify the things you want to keep by your side on moving day.
  • Important documents—passports, birth certificates, credit cards, and any other important papers should stay with you during a move.
  • Small easy to pocket valuables—like you’re cell phone or you’re valuable jewelry.
  • Sentimental objects—family photo albums are things you wouldn’t want to see damaged on moving day.
  • Snacks and clothes—if you’re moving from Dallas to Atlanta or anywhere far you’re going to want to pack some snacks and spare clothes for the long trip.
  • Chargers—if you’re moving from Dallas to Fort Lauderdale it’s going to be a long trip and you’re going to want your mobile devices. Make sure to not pack your chargers and keep them on hand instead.
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