It’s hard to leave behind a home that holds so many good memories. Whether you’re moving your grandparents or your parents, you want to make sure that these Moving elders safelymemories aren’t left behind on moving day.

1)      Decide what items can be kept and what has to go. If they are downsizing it’s important to discuss with them what items they want to keep with them. If it’s something that has to go, offer to keep the pieces, there are plenty of storage options that your movers can help you with.

2)      Get them involved. Give them small, manageable tasks like going through a desk drawer or a box from the attic. Taking small steps will help your parents get used to the idea of moving from Dallas to Tampa or wherever they might be going.

3)      Allow enough time for your parents to absorb the move, don’t make them feel rushed.

4)      Hire outside help. Sometimes it’s easier for your parents to work with an outside part than with their children.

5)      Visit them! Let them know that even though they might be far away, visiting will still be an option. If you’re parents are moving from Dallas to Orlando, there are many other vacation options around that you can enjoy, especially with your kids, while visiting.

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