Living in an apartment can be great, but moving into one can be tricky. If you are used to moving from home to home there are a few tips you should know before relocating moving from Houstonto an apartment.

1)      Move in on a Quiet Day—when you’re moving from Houston to Tampa and you’re driving all day the last thing you want is to hit a bunch of traffic right when you need to unpack.

2)      Change the locks—unless your apartment is brand new, you’re not the first person to live there. If you’re moving from Houston to New Orleans you’re most likely not going to know the previous owners of your new place well. After you’ve moved in, ask your landlord to change the locks.

3)      Clean up first—scrubbing down an empty apartment is going to much easier than cleaning it with all of your bulky furniture and unpacked boxes.

4)      Measure the space—you wouldn’t want to pay extra to move you’re heavy sofa only to discover it doesn’t fit in your new apartment.

5)      Hold The Elevator—even if you aren’t on a high floor, large objects like couches and beds won’t fit through small apartment spaces. Make sure to call in advance and hold the large equipment elevator to ensure that all of your belongings make it up to your apartment easily and securely.

Wherever you might be moving, make sure you take the unique steps needed to move you’re your new apartment.

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