Whether you are moving from Houston to Los Angeles or you are moving from Houston to Orlando, a long distance move is going to be a bumpy ride. If you are moving with your Moving from Houston with Antiquesantiques you want to make sure that they are safe and secure.

To keep your antiques protected you should:

1)      Try to pack collectibles in their original cartons. If you can’t make sure to use professional grade cartons and bubble wrap or foam peanuts.

2)      Transport fine jewelry, coins, cash, important papers, keys to furniture, photos, and sentimental items with yourself.

3)      Secure loose parts, removable pieces, and doors with things like rubber straps and strings.

4)      Remover delicate handles, glass panels or mirrors and tape them inside drawers or cover them with padding and stretch wrap.

5)      Label all your boxes. Whether you label it fragile, move last, or delicate, make sure you label your antiques so they are handled with care.

Antiques are delicate, beautiful pieces of art. Make sure you secure them safely and protect them when you move.