Are you moving to a new home? Looking to make a change, a fresh start? The moving from houston to miamilast thing you want is some unreliable moving company ruining your plans and turning your fresh start into a messy one. On moving day you have enough to worry about, so why should you have to worry if your movers are reliable or not?

In order to spot a reliable mover from a flimsy one there are a few clues you can pick-up on.

1)      If you are asked to pay up front, you probably don’t have the most reliable mover. This is a way a lot of scammers collect. If you’re moving from Houston to Miami or anywhere far you don’t want to travel far and arrive at your new place stuck without any of your things.

2)      If the sales representative you call is friendly and knowledgeable generally the mover you are calling is reliable and has trained representatives available to help you and walk you through the moving process.

3)      If you are refused an in home estimate, your mover probably doesn’t have your best interest at heart. This is a way a lot of moving scammers cover themselves.

4)      Check to see the type of equipment movers are using. If you’re moving from Houston to San Diego or anywhere with a long drive you want to make sure they have specializing moving to insure that they have the proper equipment to perform a successful and efficient move.

Overall, you’re the best judge of what mover is right for you, but if you keep these simple tips in mind you can be calm and sure that the mover you are choosing is reliable.

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