Moving during the summer months

The forecast this summer is a wave of new opportunity with a splash of moving mayhem, but how do you prepare for a storm like this? There are a lot of safety hazards and problems you can come across when moving in the summer. In order to tackle these issues and avoid any accidents on moving day there are some simple precautions you can take.

1)      Get the proper equipment. Moving heavy items while you’re hot and fatigued is hard. Let the professionals do the heavy lifting for you.

2)      Inspect your old property and new property for dangerous areas. If you’re moving out of an apartment with stairs it’s best to let your movers know so they can move your items safely and securely to their new destination.

3)      It’s hot! Wear proper clothes to make sure you don’t overheat during your move.

4)      Wear sunscreen, especially if you’re moving from Houston to Fort Lauderdale or your moving from any other really sunny, hot areas. You would be surprised by how much sun you will get moving in and out of a home. You don’t want to be unloading into your new house with a painful sunburn.

5)      If you have young kids or pets, keep them safe by asking a friend to watch them while you pack up the moving truck or unpack the new house. Even if you’re going far like moving from Houston to Washington DC where you don’t know anyone at your new destination, still ask someone to help during the initial packing stages.

6)      Organize your items and the space of your house to avoid any traffic jams.

You have enough to worry about on moving day as it is. Follow these tips, hire the professionals to take the load off your shoulders, and enjoy the summer you deserve!

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