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Moving can be a stressful time for you and your family but one factor that many people overlook when moving to Colorado Springs is how their furry friend will feel. Dogs don’t usually understand what is going on and while they will be happy to be with you once the move is complete, they can be completely overwhelmed during the process. Here are some things you can do to help relieve their stress and yours during the move.

Clear The Area

The actual process of packing up all of the household items and loading them into a truck can be incredibly stressful for your dog. They will not know what is going on and whether you are going with them. Because of this, one of the best ways to help them avoid unnecessary stress is to get them out of the house for a few days. Instead of putting them in a kennel or pet hotel where they may feel that you have abandoned them (if they understand you are packing), try leaving them with a close friend or family member that they are already comfortable with.


If your dog really can’t seem to handle the move, one option is to ask your vet for a mild sedative. This will allow them to calm down and relax instead of worrying unnecessarily. Just keep in mind that if your dog is going on an airplane, they cannot be sedated as this poses a health risk. Therefore this is only an option for travel by land.

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