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If you’re scheduled to close on your first property, don’t forget to call Dallas movers. A professional company may be cheaper than you think - which is ideal since buying a house involves several expenses. But while you may be prepared for your big move, there are a few things to handle post-move.

If you’re moving out of a rental, the condition of the place determines whether your landlord refunds your security deposit. Here are three tips to get back every dime.

  • Don’t leave anything behind. If you create extra work for your landlord, he’ll deduct his labor from your security deposit. Once the movers load your belongings, do a final walk through. Check the closets, the attic and underneath cabinets.
  • Give the place a fresh coat of paint. Maybe you were permitted to paint the walls a different color or hang photographs. Before renting the place to a new tenant, your landlord has to undo your work. Do the work yourself and get back more of your deposit.
  • Hire a cleaning crew to ensure you get back every dime, leave the house in move-in condition. Talk with your landlord and let him know your plans. Options include shampooing the carpets, cleaning the inside and outside of appliances, plus wiping baseboards, windows and blinds.
(Photo attributed to Flickr member @TheSurvivalWoman via the Creative Commons license.)