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If you are planning to move your place of business to a new location there are many things you can do beforehand to make the move less stressful for everyone.

You want to set up a realistic moving schedule that everyone can adhere to. If it is too soon, there may be longer hours and a more stressful environment.

As the business owner, you want to make sure that not only are customers aware of the impending move but also suppliers and anyone else that is on the “need to know” list. This may be something you put on your list, or you make sure those employees who make contact with these individuals have them on their list with a deadline for everyone to be informed.

Contact several Dallas movers to be sure you get a great quote for moving the business and that they have equipment to move your delicate equipment such as computers, etc. Make sure you check references.

Make sure all employees have their own “to do” list; things they need to take care of in their office. Have them volunteer to help with the common areas. It doesn’t need to be overwhelming for one person, so splitting up the tasks will make it easy. Offer to pay for lunch or dinner as compensation for volunteering. Make sure there is a reasonable deadline for this to be accomplished. Many things can be packed in advance.

Make sure you contact service providers. Let them know about all installation dates for Internet access, telephone lines, fax etc. You want to make sure the service is up and running on the day you move in.

Be sure you have extra packing supplies and boxes. Make sure boxes and furniture are labeled with the content and the location of where it will need to be placed in the new facility. Some find labeling the item or box with a number that corresponds to the number on the door or in the room at the new place really helpful.

Making a list and hanging it up where all employees can see what needs to be done and when will certainly help. Crossing things off the list lets employees know that everything is being accomplished on schedule and they can become excited for the finish and the big move.

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