Although housing prices started to rebound last year and are expected to continue rising in 2013, it's still a buyer's market. Prices remain 30 percent below their peak before the housing crash and mortgage rates are still at all-time lows. Here are some tips if you are considering buying a house.

* Do the math. Put together a financial plan to determine whether you can really afford to buy. After all, just because it's a good time to purchase a home doesn't mean it's a good time for you to buy.

* Investigate rental vs. home ownership. It's important to understand how much home you can afford and whether home ownership is right for you. Other important financial issues might have priority in your life.

* Save 20 percent for a down payment. Although the FHA allows less, a higher down payment is better.

* Be an informed buyer. Don’t buy a house simply because there's a pretty photo posted online. Do your research.

* Don’t forget about moving costs. Dallas Movers can help you estimate the costs.

* Obtain a copy of your credit report. It's important that you correct any errors on the report before you start the mortgage process.

* Get pre-approved for a mortgage. Pre-approval is a good way to check on your price range for a home. Gone are the days that banks will fork over cash to anyone who asks.

(Photo attributed to Flickr member @AlexBeattie via the Creative Commons license.)