Now that your Dallas movers have departed and you're getting into the thick of the unpacking process, you may not know the first direction to go in when planning the layout of your living spaces. If you feel a bit overwhelmed about decorating a large space, seeking professional help may be a wise choice. When you're hiring an interior designer, there are a few things you should look out for to get results you can live with for years to come.How To Hire An Interior Designer After Your Move. 
Do Your Research

According to, asking around for referrals is a great place to start, so consider asking your real estate agents for recommendations. When you have a working list of designers in your community, venture online to see specific examples of their work to see if their senses of style can mesh with yours.

Is Your Designer Also A Remodeler?

If your living spaces will need a bit more work than you thought, you may want to find an interior designer who knows a thing or two about remodeling. This individual can then use his or her professional connections to find contractors and carpenters who can get your project done quickly and efficiently.

Seek Out An Interior Design Firm

Design firms are a great idea for those who want to tap into a pipeline of professional interior design talent and can provide plenty of options when making a selection, suggests