As your Dallas Movers load your belongings into the moving truck, you should use extra caution with your bicycle so when you get to your new home it's ready to ride. Here are a few tips that you may want to consider.

Watch the Wheels If too much weight is applied to the wheels on your bike, they can get warped, or a spoke can break, rendering your cycle unfit to ride. If you do plan to pack your bike in the moving van, you may want to dislodge the wheels and store them at the top of the pile, or put them in the trunk of your own car. USA Today recommends putting spacers (which can be purchased at any bike retailer) in the forks of your bike to prevent them from getting bent.Cautionary Tips to Use When Packing Your Bicycle 

Pump Them Up
Having to buy new inner tubes because yours got pierced can be an unnecessary cost if you don't take the right precautions. The more air your wheels have, the more resistance they'll have to getting popped. Before you load up your bike, pump up your tires for maximum protection.
Protect the Paint
In order to protect your paint job from getting scratched, USA Today suggests taping athletic foam - found at any sporting goods vendor - around your bicycle. The most vulnerable parts of your bike are the frame and the handle bars.
Box it Up

For added protection and convenience, you can always pack your bicycle in a box or a specialized carrying case after you've taken off the wheels and the handlebars. Make sure everything is padded or has a protective layer, and notes that you should pack your bike upside down to protect the chain.


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