Before relocating to a new home, you might want to ensure that your furniture is categorized properly. This will likely make the job easier for your moving company, as it will guarantee proper placement. Here are some tips that can help you prepare furniture pieces before a crew of Miami movers transports all your household belongings.How to properly arrange furniture and appliances before relocating Communication

First and foremost, it's essential for you to communicate properly with the moving company you've booked. Use detailed descriptions of large furniture items to help the team prepare for the upcoming job. If there are any last minute changes, such as different moving locations or time adjustments, you need to clarify them with your moving company at least 48 hours before leaving your previous address.

Prepping appliances

If you decide to move appliances from one place to another, you should make it a point to preserve their functionality. For example, if you have a freezer or miniature refrigerator you want to bring along, you'll want to defrost the interior at least a day or two before the Miami movers arrive. Keep the doors open and let them air out. Disconnect and unplug all appliances and drain them of water, especially when dealing with washing machines.


Although moving companies are experts when it comes to safely handling your furniture, you can save time and money by completing certain steps before they arrive. If certain pieces come in segments, you should go ahead and disassemble them. Remove all drawers and shelves from cabinets and bookcases. Apply furniture pads to the legs of tables and chairs to prevent these items from scratching your flooring. Lastly, use bubble wrap to ensure that certain pieces don't brush up against one another during the unpacking process.