San Diego, California, is a city that's known for its picturesque scenery, vibrant culture and sense of style. It goes without saying that you’ll want to explore the local shopping centers after the San Diego Movers have shortened the unpacking process. Here are three unique retail complexes that stand out from typical malls around the country.

1. Westfield Plaza Bonita is a massive mall in the National City suburb, and it contains at least 152 stores, from mainstream franchises to upscale boutiques. In addition, there are 30 food and beverage vendors in the complex, including a movie theater, as well as a concierge to help you feel properly accommodated. Every once and a while, you can come to expect community events at the Plaza Bonita.

2. If you're looking for an outdoor plaza that's closer to the coast, your entire family will likely have a ball at Seaport Village, which is cozily nestled in the San Diego Harbor. Here you can admire the pleasant atmosphere with live music, more than 50 boutiques and 17 unique eateries. The children can feel at ease with fun activities like brush and balloon art, a historical carousel and face painting. There are also a number of festivals and community events that take place here, particularly on holiday weekends.

3. One complex that's easily accessible from most of the major freeways is the Grossmont Shopping Center, which has a wide variety of major franchises like Macy's, apparel boutiques, specialty stores and restaurants. You can even expect additional services like engraving professionals, shoe repair and a post office. Whether you want to enjoy live music and alcoholic beverages at Hooley's Irish Pub and Grill or explore your artistic side at Ceramicafe (a café that allows you to paint your own ceramics while enjoying wine and cheese or other tasty treats), the Grossmont Shopping Center has it all!

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