View of the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City

Top 5 Best Online Resources for People Moving to Kansas City Have you called your Kansas City movers and scheduled a moving date? Before they come and pack up your computer, try out these online resources for a smooth transition to your new city.
  1. Use the Cost of Living Wizard at This financial calculator will adjust your income requirements for Kansas City based on the cost of living as it compares to your current city. Just input your current salary, and choose Kansas City as your destination. The calculator will give you the salary you will need to make in order to keep up your current budget.
  1. Try This is a comprehensive directory to Kansas City. You’ll find information about attractions and businesses. You can find coupons, maps, photos and menus. There are lists of providers such as car dealers and realtors, available jobs, and local events.
  1. Download the Craiglist Pro app to your smart phone. An attractive cousin to, this app will help you out when you arrive at your new house and need a few things. Or maybe you need to sell that patio furniture that doesn’t fit on your new deck. You can browse Craigslist, post ads, and save favorites.
  1. Download the Move Planner app to your smart phone. Take control of your long list of things to do by organizing everything in this app. It comes preloaded with tips for what to keep on your to-do list, and can be organized by move date so you are on track with your moving timeline.
  1. Download the Yelp app to your smart phone.Yelp is a virtual community of regular people who review restaurants, banks, dry cleaners, bookstores and other businesses. Use the “nearby” feature to find the businesses that are closest to your new home. For instance, search for the type of food you are looking for, and Yelp displays choices that are rated and reviewed. You’ll be able to make decisions based on what the locals like.Before you move, or after your Kansas City movers have dropped off the last box, checking out these online tools will make the transition to your new home that much easier.
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