Wichita Ks Mover Review by Derek B.

Good Day, Our story is as follows: My family and I needed to move from Derby, Kansas to Marysville, Washington for a new job. Allied Coleman was the company chosen to facilitate our move. We met with our driver in person (Darren & Connie Wright) one day before our planned loading date. Darren was well prepared & surveyed all the boxes / items that were in our house. He provided us his overall game plan on how he will load our stuff on the truck in a safe & tight manner. The next morning he and his wife Connie showed up right on time just as they committed to us. He had a team of 3 support staff to help him load the truck. They worked extremely swiftly & efficiently even though we had a bit of snow fall down that day ! They finished loading our stuff and signed off all paperwork in only 1 full day !!! (5 bed, 3 bath home) Darren & Connie then saddled up for their trip out to the Wild Wild West. They drove out west picking up a couple loads on the way. We saw them again roughly one week later at our new home in Marrysville, WA. Darren and Connie had a different support staff team with them to unload our goods. Everything went smoothly, thanks to Connie who tagged EVERYTHING on the other side. By her doing this, it was easy for us to make sure all boxes had successfully made the trip. Thank You Connie !!! During the moving in of our furniture, Darren actually took the time to teach a couple of the support guys some tricks of the trade. I thought that was very nice of him. This showed me that he cares about what he does & about the future of Allied Coleman !!! Unfortunately during bringing in my couch that went upstairs, my brand new walls were damaged with nicks & gouges caused by the couch. Darren was upfront and showed it to me moments after the damage occured. Once the truck was completely unloaded & all paperwork signed off, Darren went around my house taking photos to expedite the claim process for us. This shows you that he is a true professional in the field. Emma, Ruby, Poppy & I want to personally thank Darren & Connie Wright for their hard work. Thanks to them, we are extremely happy in our new home. Thank you Darren & Connie !!! ANYONE WHO IS MOVING, DEFINITELY NEED THEIR LOAD TAKEN BY THIS WONDERFUL TEAM !!!