Pensacola Fl Mover Review by Steve P.

Line-haul drivers brought in a U-Haul for the shuttle. Transferred truck-to-truck directly and padded everything with tape for the entire trip. They started at 9AM and told me they didn't finish the transfer until 10PM. At this end, they had a long haul to the elevators in the middle of the building, then a long haul back to my apartment on my floor. They started at 10AM and finished at 10PM. They had to hump the sofa up four stories because it wouldn't fit in the elevator. They were very personable, worked with me placing things, and were working hard the whole time. No breakage. No losses. One custom desk was real hard to take down and they had no trouble re-assembling it. So I'd give the two movers a 10.  Jack set up a delivery date that worked for me.