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You may have asked your Orlando moving company what they’re doing to go “green” in their business. Maybe you tried to recycle and reuse things as you moved. Well, you will be glad to know that Orlando is making strides toward being an exemplary city known for “going green.”

1. Orlando has the “Green-Up” program, created in 1985 to improve the appearance of the city and add to the number of trees in the area. This program encourages volunteers and citizens to plant trees and shrubs, and to donate to the cause of making Orlando beautiful and foliage-filled. Corporations, civic organizations, schools, faith-based organizations, scout troops, neighborhood associations and families are encouraged to participate in Orlando’s favorite “Green” volunteer program. 2. Orlando is undergoing landscaping code revisions in order to encourage water-wise and sustainable landscaping. With water conservation in mind, the city is making efforts now to eliminate unnecessary watering of lawns and plantings. Future growth of the Orlando area depends on the access to potable water, and limiting certain types of landscaping will conserve significant amounts of water. 3. Due to the nice year-round weather, Orlando is the perfect place to encourage and support biking as a form of transportation. In 2010, 6.7 miles of bike lanes were installed in the City. In total, Orlando has 202 miles of bike lanes. They hold “Bike to Work” event which this year drew a record 150 participants, with hopes for growth in the years to come.

Once your Orlando moving company has moved in and unpacked all of your boxes, it will be time to decide how you can contribute to the “Green” efforts of Orlando. Consider roadside recycling, biking, or joining the “Green-Up” program and planting a few trees. Take stock of your yard and invent some ways you can change the landscaping to conserve water. You will be joining the efforts of the city-at-large to be environmentally friendly.

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